About Me

About me

I guess you could say I have been infected with the travel bug

I guess you could say I have been infected with the travel bug since I was nine years old, and my parents took the family from Canada to live in a Cornish village ‘for the experience.’ I have been exploring our glorious planet ever since. I am in love with the world. I love the forests, the mountains, the sea. I love meeting people in all corners of the earth, learning how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ learning how they go about their lives.

I have made most of my life choices around travel opportunities. I have lived in North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Central and South East Asia. I have visited every continent except Antarctica. I generally travel very slowly. I like to be on first-name terms with the barista down the street and the lady selling flowers in the market.

And I love photography. I love looking at how the light hits a building or a tree, or that incredible moment when I realize that I have caught a bird with the air beneath its wings, or a child twirling and laughing out loud.
I have spent decades taking and saving photographs of this beautiful planet of ours. It is time to take them out of the box and share them with the world.